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Lynch Cub Pride Program

The Lynch Pride Program is a comprehensive program focusing on the POSTIVE BEHAVIORS of the student population. The Pride Program was created by a panel of Lynch teachers/staff to reward students on a daily basis for demonstrating positive behaviors. The panel identified four major behaviors to focus on school wide. The four major behaviors are:
  • Being Respectful
  • Being Safe
  • Being Responsible

Additionally, students may receive “Cub Prides” for on-the-spot recognition of the aforementioned positive behaviors.  Students who receive Cub Prides are recognized on a weekly basis through homeroom awards, lunch with the counselor, or special gym activity time.

The ultimate extrinsic award is the Cub Pride Pin.  In each homeroom are Pride Pin Charts. Students must fill every square/cell next to their name on their Pride Pin Chart to receive their Pride Pin (approximately 35 cells total). Cells may be filled in by receiving a Cub Pride or other criteria set by the homeroom teacher. Once a student fills in all their cells they receive their Pride Pin through a special ceremony on “Pride Friday” conducted by the school councilor or principal.

Pride Pins may only be worn on Pride Fridays. Pride Pins stay with the homeroom teacher during the school year. Students may take their Pride Pins home at the end of the year. If a student receives a referral for negative behavior during the school week, he/she is not allowed to wear their Pride Pin that Friday. Lost pins are not replaced. All grades (K-5) participate in the program.

For questions or details about the Lynch Pride Program contact our school counselor. Check out the video below of the Cub Pride gym activity time!