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Title IA


We’d like to introduce ourselves as your Title 1A Reading/Math Team!

Reading Specialist:  Kelly Hill

Title 1A is a federally funded program which provides opportunities for students in grades 1-5  to receive additional services to strengthen their reading and math abilities. Small student groups meet 4-5 times per week for at least 20-35 minutes with one of our teachers to work on phonemic awareness (the sounds of our language, like rhyming), phonics (the letters attached to those sounds), decoding and encoding (sounding out and spelling), reading fluency and/or comprehension. Title 1A services are provided in addition to the students’ core instructional program in their classrooms.

Math Specialist: Lisa Zeltins

As Lynch’s Math Specialist, I am excited about starting a new school year and love reconnecting with returning students.  I’m  always amazed at how much bigger/older they look.  I am here to help, and will be offering monthly tips to help your children develop and/or strengthen their math skills. There’s so many daily things we can do as families to grow our budding mathematicians’ minds!   There is an online piece called iReady.  Each student will be taking an adaptive diagnostic assessment that will pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, giving us detailed information on individual student needs.

Title 1A Lit/Math EA’s: Carole Carter, Janice Durham, Susan Jensen, Pam Leonard, Kelly Ropp, Tammy Salka and Christina Saxton