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Lynch Website Links

Lynch Website Links

Great Websites to Explore!
  • ABC’s       

Enjoy kids activities  – Frog Game!

More alphabet activities –  Alphabet fun!

Starfall – Where children have fun learning to read!

Animal Planet – Animals in the news.

Animals A to Zoo – Explore animals from A to Z.


Are you curious about the authors of your favorite books?  Do you ever wonder where the ideas come from?  Try these websites to learn more about your favorite authors/illustrators!!









Coins are history in your pocket.  H.I.P. pocket change.

Government MintYour best source for coins worldwide.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coin_collecting  Coins of interest to collectors often include those that for only a brief time.


The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony:1620 – Topics relating to the Mayflower journey and Plymouth Colony.

PBS — Colonial House – Interactive History

Experience the Life — Trades — Colonial Williamsburg Trades
  • Jamestown sites:

Jamestown Rediscovery – Jamestown Rediscovery is investigating the remains of 1607-1698 Jamestown on the APVA property on Jamestown Island, Virginia.

Jamestown History

Virtual Jamestown – Explore Jamestown

Historic Jamestown – History and Biographies


Enchanted Learning about explorers – All you need to know about explorers.

Explorers on the Web – Cyber Sleuth Kids Explore.

Hall of Explorers – Great site!

History by Subject – Exploration – Explorers

World Explorers – World Explorers general resources.

http://www.lewis-clark.org/ – Discovering Lewis and Clark.

http://images.google.com/hosted/life – LIFE photo archives hosted by GOOGLE – Search Millions of historic photos


 All About Forestry   

The Basics of Forestry and Forest Science       

Using Anatomy and Habitat to Identify a Tree

Tree Planting

USDA Forest Service – http://www.fs.fed.us/spf/
Idaho Forests: Forests are for Kids! – http://www.idahoforests.org/kids1.htm

The Rainforest Information Center –http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/children/chlinks.htm


Missouri Botanical Garden – What is the ecosystem like where you live?

World Biomes

rainforest may contain an area which would not be that dissimilar from a wetland, or a desert may contain an unusual number of plants and wildlife, but not enough to make it into a grassland.

University of California Museum of Paleontology – The six major types of biomes.

Enchanted Learning about biomes – Complex community of plants and animals in a region and a climate is called a biome. Enter this website and explore.

American Technology and Art – Culture Areas and the Locations of Tribes with Illustrated Clothing


Enchanted Learning about Inventors – Inventors and Inventions

Inventor’s Tool Box – The elements of machines

Telephones – All you ever wanted to know about the inventions of telephones. (Thank you Mike for the suggestion)

Lynch.typingclub.com – Classroom typing program.
Touch Typing Program – Exercise and learn touch typing.

Dance Mat Typing – 1st-2nd-3rd grade students – Come type with me.

Doorway-text typing online

Typingweb – 4th and 5th grade students-learn to type
Keyboarding for Kids -Learning typing is the focus of these keyboarding games. Learning keyboarding skills is vital for today’s learners and tomorrow’s earners.
Learn 2 Type  – Typing lessons and online typing test, test your skills. Can create account, ficticious email works. Instructions are wordy – may be best for 5th grade and older.
http://www.sabrinasterling.com/pretest.html – Pretest, activities and exercises
ttp://www.typingweb.com/tutor/games/play/game/1 – Simple game, basic three letter words to start.  Can create free account to keep track of progress.
Computer Literacy Lessons K-6
Math Connects  Practice your math lessons from home.
Johnny’s Math & Puzzles & Games  Link to Interactive Math Tools and Activities for students and teachers
Gamequarium Multiplication -Having fun with multiplication

Gamequarium.com – Learning fractions

Count Us In Games – Game 15 – Counting game

Arithmetic Attack – Timed basic facts practice

Multiplication Flash Card Game – Time yourself for 30 seconds and see how you do!

Hoodamath–Math Website—pick a topic to explore and have fun!

  • Ocean Websites 

Enchanted Learning – Learn about our ocean sea life.

All about Oceans and Seas

Florida Ocean Animals – Sea life in Florida

Thinkquest – Sea animal chart

http://www.kidport.com/REFLIB/Science/SeaAnimals/SeaLife.htm – Life in the sea

Ocean Link Island – Click on the links to explore the fascinating topics about oceans.

Ocean Collection for Kids – This is a collection of sites that have Ocean related topics. There are so many interesting things to learn, so get started by clicking one of the topics!

Oregon Coast Aquarium – Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport.      

The Nine Planets – Check out this site:  One star, eight planets and more.

NASA.gov – Welcome to the Planets.

Kids Astronomy – Astronomy for children.

Windows to the Universe – Explore our solar system.

Windows to the Universe – Learn about asteroids.

Windows to the Universe – Would you like to design your own custom comet?

Views of the Solar System – Discover the latest scientific information.

Enchanted Learning – Solar System Puzzle

Enchanted Learning – Sun Puzzles

Science Monster – Enjoy the many fun activities on this site.

Welcome to StarChild – This is a great learning center for young astronomers

Welcome to the Planets – This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA’s planetary exploration program.

exploratorium.edu – Ever wonder what you might weigh on Mars or the Moon?  Here’s your chance to find out.

http://www.nasa.gov/ – NASA website

Nine planets – A multimedia tour of the solar system.


World Atlas of Travels – Explore the World

50 states – States and Capitols

State Information – Learn more about the 50 states.

See America – Explore our regions.

Kids Space and the Internet Public Library – Welcome to Stately Knowledge!  Facts about the United States

Classbrain for State Information – Choose your state from the map and start gathering all the information and images you need.

Roadside America Maps – Looking for Maps?  Here is a great website to visit.

www.netstate.com/states – Learn about the 50 states

Facts about the United States – Welcome to the Stately Knowledge

The Fifty States

State Capitol Quizzes

Fifty States Quiz – History and Quotes

interactive/activities/tessellate– Activities with Tessellations

Student Tessellations – The math forum-Student tessellations


The Water Cycle – Explore the kids water zone.


World Climates – Check out climates in other parts of the world.

Web Weather for Kids – Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities, and become hot at forecasting the weather.

Weather Wiz Kids – Website especially for kids that allows them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather.

The Space Place :: Wild Weather Adventure!

Word Search

Cloud matching game

The Weather Game

Children and parents you can now watch and do at home…all the lessons in color mixing Annie Painter shared with Lynch, including reading the ‘dog’ book.  Go to the home page, click on videos and all nine are lined up at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!
Seussville Story MakerGreat for kids to work on story development!!!! Check it out. It’s super fun! : )
PBS Kids – Clifford has fun
Gamequarium.com   – Thousands of free, online learning activities for Pre-School thru Grade 6.
The Internet’s #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers – All subjects can be found on this site.

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine – Have fun exploring the fun here.

PrimaryGames.com – Kids activities for math, science, language arts, social studies, and more!

Frog ABC Activity – Move the frog to the lily pads and catch ABC’s.

Play – “Ocean Catch Match” – Ocean Breeze Activities

Play – “Deep Sea Dive” Ocean Breeze Activities- Monterey Bay Aquarium

Crunch, Nibble, Gulp and Bite Interactive Game

Is There Kelp in Your Cupboard?

The Kidz Page – Jigsaw puzzles for kids.

Make Beliefs Comix.com.   – Create your own comic strip – It’s easy and fun!

Teaching Creativity – Art – OPB – Oregon Public Broadcasting
See your house in a Snow Globe…Click on the site:
Christmas Tree Association   – Welcome to Kids Corner…presented by Pacific NW Christmas Tree Association.
Design your own Gingerbread House – Design your own Jan Brett gingerbread house.
Design your own Christmas Tree Card  – Decorate a Jan Brett Christmas Tree.
Kaboose Holiday guide   The place where Kaboose Holiday fun begins.
Make your own Snowflake!   Make a flake!
Mouse Concentration  Computer Mouse activity page.
Merry Christmas.com   A selection of kid’s favorite Merry Christmas activities.
Santa’s Secret Village   Here is another on to try…Santa’s Secret Village.
Hide Snowmantry this activity.
Build a Cargo Bridge  Design your christmas cargo bridge.
Gyros   Make your own special Gyro design.